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Welcome to Charles Darwin Nursery

We believe that our nursery pupils should have the facilities to be able to play and explore.

We provide an educational environment that prepares them for not only their next steps within education but also for their future lives. 

We encourage pupils to build upon the key skills that they will need throughout their lives, primarily social interaction, independence, creativity, physical capability, and communication and language skills.

Our nursery setting is an exciting and inspiring environment, helping our children in the first years of their lives. 

Our dedicated and professional staff are passionate about how children learn, and supporting their development throughout this wonderful phase of their lives. 

We feel that a strong commitment to learning through play-based activities, facilitated by skilled practitioners, allows our children to be imaginative, yet develop the foundations required to begin school. We want our children to be happy and confident individuals who achieve their very best.

Our exploratory learning ethos encourages all children to participate, and feel positive about their successes.

Contact us

If you would like to know more about our nursery, please contact us by emailing or call 01603 733165.